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    has specialized in climatic test chambers,

    thermal shock test chambers,walk-in

    chambers,burn-in room and aging test

    chambers,drying ovens,salt spray testers,

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    KOMEG brand of temperature and humidity test chamber is the ideal simulation test chamber for all heat and cold testing between -40 ºC and 180 ºC temperature range.Well-suited for reliability testing based on current test standards in the temperature range of -40 °C to 150 °C and 10% to 98% RH.Meet all requirements for extreme testing and low temperature alternating climate profiles from -70 °C - 150 °C with humidity.



    Walk-in chambers are combined systems that offer a variety of simulated

    environments including temperature,

    humidity,altitude and more,whether you're

    testing computers and copiers or automobiles and satellites.KOMEG provides Walk-In Environmental Test Chambers provide solutions that suit you and can push the limits of lab space and utilities.


    Thermal shock test is a method of environmental testing that subjects a product to alternating extremes of high and low temperatures.KOMEG offers thermal shock test chamber that sets the industrial standard for thermal cycling,capable of meeting a wide variety of testing needs,allows for the observation of changes in product characteristics and failure occurrence.Both Two-zone and three-zone capability is available.


    KOMEG factory is located in Dongguan, covering an area of 5,000 sqm,with over 120 employees including 26 R&D engineers.KOMEG also have offices in Shenzhen and Songshan Lake National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone.Being a first-class supplier and reliable partner,KOMEG are certified to ISO 9001 and got CE approval.


    Born for quality is always KOMEG’s philosophy.Better idea,better design and better quality are our aim.KOMEG strive for continuous innovation,releasing no less than 5 new designs each year.That’s why SGS,KONICA MINOLTA,SENKO,Midea,

    TCL and Huawei are among our long-term clients.Sales agent are welcome.Inquire today to get your order started.


Specialized Chambers for Solar Panel Tests


such as desired throughput, testing methodology, floorspace, and budget will affect the final selection.

Our chambers can be used for the following test methods:

•10.11 Thermal Cycle Test

Requires temperature cycling between 85°C and -40°C,

50 or 200 times.

•10.12 Humidity Freeze Test

Cycling between hot/humid 85°C/85%RH and subfreezing -40°C ten times, with extended soaks at 85/85.

•10.13 Damp Heat Test

A long term, 1,000 hour, test at 85°C/85%.


Environmental Chambers for Solar Panel Testing (Walk-in Type)

Specialized Chambers for Solar Panel Tests

From compact type to large type, which can test a lot of full-size PV modules at one time, KOMEG provides various sizes of Solar Panel Walk-in Chambers.

Selecting a Chamber

Because the change rates in the specifications are

flexible, you have a choice of selecting a slower system  to save cost and utilities, or a faster system to shorten testing time.

In order for KOMEG to select the proper heating/cooling subsystems, we will need to know:

• Chamber interior space required

• Total mass of modules and supporting racks to be tested

•Desired heat & cooling rates (Otherwise KOMEG will quote systems to meet both minimum or maximum rates allowed by IEC.)

Lengthy IEC and UL Tests

All three of the IEC 61215 & 61646 environmental tests KOMEG chambers are used for can be done in the same test chamber. It may be better, however, to consider multiple chambers to save time and electricity due to the lengths of the tests:

•The temperature cycling test may last up to seven weeks.

•The damp heat test is six weeks long.

•The damp heat test requires only minimal refrigeration, reducing capital and energy costs if a dedicated model is selected for this test

Standards Implemented and met

GB-2423.1-2008(IEC68-2-1)Test A: Cold Test

GB-2423.2-2008(IEC68-2-2)Test B: Dry Heat Test

GJB360.8-2009(MIL-STD.202F) Heat Aging Test

GJBl50.3-2009 (MIL-STD-810D) high temperature test method.

GJBl50.4-2009 (MIL-STD-810D) low temperature test method.

GB2423.3-2008 (IEC68-2-3) Test Ca: Constant damp heat test method.

GB2423.4-2008 (IEC68-2-30) Test Db: Alternating damp heat test method.

GJBl50.9-2009(MIL-STD-810D) Damp heat test chamber technical conditions

The machine complies with IEC61215 10.11, 10.12, 10.13 items IEC61215 10.11 test conditions:



Main Technical 
Water-cooled. The specifications measurement in the environment temperature at + 25 ℃ without load
1. Temperature
1.1 Temp. range-70℃~+150℃
1.2 Temp. deviation≤±2.0℃
1.3 Temp. fluctuation±0.5℃
1.4 Heating up rateFrom -40℃ to +85℃, linear, ≧200℃/h, with load of 300kg, No Heat Emission
1.5 Cooling rateFrom -40℃ to +85℃, linear, ≧200℃/h, with load of 300kg, No Heat Emission
2. Humidity
2.1 Humidity range20%R.H.~98%R.H
2.2 Humidity range
2.3 Humidity deviation±3.0%RH(>75%RH)±5.0%RH(≤75%RH)
2.4 Humidity fluctuation±2.0%RH
3. Floor capacity300KG/m2
4. Full load

10 PV Modules to be loaded in a vertical orientation.

Single panel max. size of 2000*1000*50mm.

Total weight of 300KG.

Temperature and humidity performance test is in accordance with the relevant provisions of the IEC60068 -3 standard

measurement; sensor placed in the unit outlet.According to national test standard: GB/T 5170.2, use 9 test point 

calibration, as below:

Body Structure

Overall structure and chamber is composed of three parts as below.Insulation box, separate refrigeration units, and electrical 

control cabinet.

1. Body dimensions

Workplace volume: W 1200 × H 2300 × D 1500 mm,Exterior size: W 1500 × H 2700 × D 3530 mm,

2. Insulation Box

※ wall material: high-quality carbon steel※ inner wall material: SUS304 # matte stainless steel plate※ 

Insulation materials:

100mm rigid polyurethane foam insulation layer + glass fiber.

3. DoorDouble door (according to design), with observation window (the size depend on final design)
4. Lighting DeviceMoisture-proof lighting, with explosion-proof lampshades.
5. Cable portφ100mm*1 located on both side of chamber, with rubber stopper 
6.Electric control boxTotal power circuit breaker, over-temperature protection.
7. Control model

This device is Cascade compression refrigeration

We use intellectual cooling control: PID will control solenoid-valve and heater on/off to adjust cooling or heating capacity according to temperature and loading requirements and status inside the chamber. Only cooling or only heating will be activated to get temperature balance to save energy
8. HeatingHigh quality nickel-chromium alloy wire electric heaters,Non-contact control mode(SSR)
9. Water outlet hole Available for drain the condensate water
10. Water purifierPure water device, 1 pcs, please provide 1 ~ 2 kg/cm2 tap water
11. Water supply systemPump to enhance automatic water supply
12. HumidificationStainless steel corrosion-resistant electric evaporative humidification
13. Humidity sensorHigh accuracy Vaisala electronic humidity sensor





Environmental Chambers For Solar Panel Testing