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    thermal shock test chambers,walk-in

    chambers,burn-in room and aging test

    chambers,drying ovens,salt spray testers,

    medical laboratory equipment etc.





    KOMEG brand of temperature and humidity test chamber is the ideal simulation test chamber for all heat and cold testing between -40 ºC and 180 ºC temperature range.Well-suited for reliability testing based on current test standards in the temperature range of -40 °C to 150 °C and 10% to 98% RH.Meet all requirements for extreme testing and low temperature alternating climate profiles from -70 °C - 150 °C with humidity.



    Walk-in chambers are combined systems that offer a variety of simulated

    environments including temperature,

    humidity,altitude and more,whether you're

    testing computers and copiers or automobiles and satellites.KOMEG provides Walk-In Environmental Test Chambers provide solutions that suit you and can push the limits of lab space and utilities.


    Thermal shock test is a method of environmental testing that subjects a product to alternating extremes of high and low temperatures.KOMEG offers thermal shock test chamber that sets the industrial standard for thermal cycling,capable of meeting a wide variety of testing needs,allows for the observation of changes in product characteristics and failure occurrence.Both Two-zone and three-zone capability is available.


    KOMEG factory is located in Dongguan, covering an area of 5,000 sqm,with over 120 employees including 26 R&D engineers.KOMEG also have offices in Shenzhen and Songshan Lake National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone.Being a first-class supplier and reliable partner,KOMEG are certified to ISO 9001 and got CE approval.


    Born for quality is always KOMEG’s philosophy.Better idea,better design and better quality are our aim.KOMEG strive for continuous innovation,releasing no less than 5 new designs each year.That’s why SGS,KONICA MINOLTA,SENKO,Midea,

    TCL and Huawei are among our long-term clients.Sales agent are welcome.Inquire today to get your order started.


HAST/HALT Highly Accelerated Life Aging Test Chamber

Product description

The purpose of the Highly Accelerated Aging Test (HAST) is to increase product environmental stress (such as temperature) and working stress (voltage, load, etc. applied to the product), speed up the test process, and shorten the life test time of the product or system. , The reliability of semiconductor products has improved. At present, most electronic devices can withstand long-term high temperature and high humidity deviation tests without failure. Therefore, the test time used to determine the quality of the finished product has also increased a lot. In the design stage of the product, it is used to quickly expose the defects and weaknesses of the product, and test the sealing and aging performance of its products.


Product parameter

· Temperature range: +105℃~+145℃

· Humidity range: 65% ~ 100%R.H

· Air pressure range: 0.5~3.0Kg/cm²

· Pressure rise time: about 20min from normal pressure to 200Kpa

· Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5℃

· Humidity fluctuation: ±2.0%R.H

Product technical features

·Using wet and dry bulb sensor for direct measurement

The control modes are divided into three modes: dry and wet bulb, unsaturated and wet saturated.

·Double-layer cylinder structure, multiple protection functions

The inner tank adopts a circular arc design to prevent condensation and dripping water, which meets the national safety container regulations. Multiple man-machine protections such as various over-pressure and over-temperature, dry-burning leakage and misoperation.

·Slow pressure reduction treatment, optional exhaust and drainage mode

Prevent the sample from being affected by sudden pressure, temperature or water evaporation after the test.

·Automatic water replenishment function, front water level confirmation

At the beginning of the test, the system will automatically add enough water for the test at one time, and the remaining water in the tank can be simply confirmed from the front.

·Komeg independently researched and developed control system, intelligent setting, easy operation

It adopts 7-inch true color touch screen, has 250 groups of 12,500 programs, has USB curve data download function, and RS-485 communication interface.



HAST/HALT Highly Accelerated Life Aging Test Chamber