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Lithium ion batteries
Communication fiber

KOMEG Technology Ind Co., Ltd is a well-established Environmental test chamber manufacturer for product and component testing. As a pioneer of Chinese environmental test chamber supplier KOMEG offers a wide range of products according to industry-specific standards or individual customer demands in the areas of environmental simulation.


KOMEG has become a competent partner for numerous renowned manufacturers in the Electronics, Aerospace, Automotive, Defence, Energy, Communication fiber, Substances, and other industries. It is suitable for the high and low temperature to damp-heat tests of electricians, electronics, lithium batteries, new energy, semiconductor, military equipment, and other products, parts, and materials, thus helping to improved products.


KOMEG products can provide environmental simulation tests like climate and temperature tests, thermal shock tests, aging tests, salt fog tests, and so on. For different industries and different tests, we provide our customers with test equipment in a number of different sizes and different conditions.KOMEG is also able to offer special tests according to customer requests.