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Lithium ion batteries
Communication fiber

Lithium-ion batteries


KOMEG is a Chinese pioneer of environmental test chambers with 30 years of experience, we specialized in reach develop and

manufacture environmental simulation test products.

KOMEG provides the various size of environmental test chamber from small benchtop chambers for testing small battery cells to large 

walk-in chambers.

We offer extensive experience in chambers designed for testing NIMH, lead-acid, and lithium-ion batteries from small battery cells to 

large battery packs.



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Test Standards:

Safety Features:

Because battery failure is a real risk (and sometimes the desired outcome), environmental chambers need safety systems to protect from harmful explosions and ensure operator safety.
KOMEG provides safety features for the reliability and abuse testing of batteries. Each environmental chamber is designed with safety in mind. Our Engineering team will review your test requirements and incorporate applicable test chamber safety features for the specific battery test application.